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The biggest mistake in Shoulder Stand

advanced yoga inversion practice online yoga shoulder stand yoga yoga instruction yoga tips Mar 12, 2024

This Shoulder Stand mistake happens to every single person in the beginnings of this posture and we are going to fix it today. 

The problem is when you get in this position, and you look at your legs, they look straight up and down to YOU. 

But, you actually look like this:


I know! It's so weird.

But, I dare you to set up a camera and video yourself in this posture. You'll get the best understanding of where you are with this. 

To correct this mistake, press your hips forward and allow the feet to go back. 

The legs should look as if they are at a diagonal away from you while in this position. 

This also will set you up with an understanding for "finding your line" in other inversion postures, such as Headstand and Handstand, stacking the shoulders and the hips for ultimate core engagement and strength training in these postures. 

Want more tips for Shoulder Stand? ⬇️

Shoulder Stand is more than likely going to be the first inversion you attempt within your yoga practice.

And, it can be a huge tool to help you understand your line when you are upside down.

Here are some tips to help you with this unassuming and often under taught posture:

1. When you lift your hips off the floor and bring your hands to your back, walk your hands down towards your ribs as much as possible.

This way you’ll have way more control in the posture and be able to find and use your core strength to help you get the hips and feet in the right place.

2. Get your knees pointing forward.

You may have to separate the heels to do this and that is completely fine.

When you work in this way you are strengthening your hips and learning to use your inner thigh strength in inversions - so important!!

3. Never turn your head to look at a screen or your instructor.

If you need a visual on the posture, come all of the way out and take a look at the yogis around you or in the livestream class with you.

✨And, if you want more instruction in inversion postures like Shoulder Stand, Headstand, Forearm Balance & Handstand, come join me in my online yoga studio for a livestream class soon.

These postures often pop up in my sequences and you will receive the attention you deserve from me every time you step on your mat for class, so you know where and how to work to best further YOUR practice.

Happy Practicing!

Big Hugs,
Tori ♡

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