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Deb C. 

Age 50

I've been a part of Tori's live online yoga classes for the past three years, and I can confidently say that it has been a transformative journey.

Tori's teaching style is not just about perfecting postures; it's about personal growth and empowerment.

Tori's encouragement and dedication is infectious and empowering. Her positive energy radiates through the screen, making each session a joy to attend. She creates a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels valued, regardless of their skill level.

Tori genuinely cares about her students' progress and tailors her guidance to individual needs.

I can't recommend her classes enough to anyone seeking, not only to enhance their yoga practice, but also to enrich their life.

Denise K. 

Age 60

"I hadn’t been practicing yoga for a good long while and I have to admit the first few classes were rough.

But, I have never felt that Tori’s classes were out of my reach because of something she says frequently: “We begin at the beginning. If the first step is to grab your calf muscle in a C-shape that’s what you work on.” Even if I can’t do the full expression of a posture I can always do the first step.

Tori’s instructions are clear and she has such a great eye for everyone’s practice. Working with her I am successful in postures that I never dared dream would be mine.

Besides being able to do fun poses this yoga has improved my quality of life. At age 60, I have more flexibility than I did 20 years ago. I am able to move my legs up and through to climb onto boats, kayaks and ladders safely and easily - which hasn’t been the case for quite awhile.

In addition it is really fun to have a group of women who share the same passion for feeling good and challenging themselves as I do. I love my yoga friends! Knowing that they are waiting for me helps me to join a class when my brain is telling me that I am too busy or tired."

Cindy H.  

Owner of Wiggly Tales Dog Daycare, Age 48

"Since I began taking Tori’s classes I have noticed I have more confidence.

I’m making smart choices of eating because I want to feel good for class. I see my body as a tool that she has shown me can do more than I ever thought possible.

And, I love the ease of getting to my yoga class. I can just roll out of bed and onto my yoga mat. Also, I can access class from anywhere.

I don’t have to be at home. I just need Wi-Fi, my iPad and my yoga mat.

Tori is invested in each of her students individually.

She wants and helps us succeed further in our yoga practice and she helps celebrate our little victories along the way.

I am so grateful that Tori has created this online yoga studio & community."

Ami B. 

Yoga & meditation teacher, Age 62

"At first I wasn't sure about the online format. I was looking for something more than what I've experienced from online platforms before now; more personal instruction and a more supportive environment. I've done some other online classes in the past and they definitely had their limitations.

But, this program is quite amazing! Recorded classes make it convenient, live classes are a blast, and Tori's instruction is that great combination of precise and joyful.

I have loved every class I've taken. And, I'm doing things I never thought I'd be able to do.

In my very first class, Tori gave me a suggestion that has completely strengthened my arm balances! Within the first few weeks, I noticed all my postures improving from better alignment cues and suggestions, and the strength, mobility and flexibility drills incorporated into each class. More importantly though, I am having fun with my practice again.

I practice something from Tori every day, regardless if I go into my home studio or not.

And, the monthly 1-to-1 private sessions take things to a whole new level too. I don't know any other teacher doing this and it is so good!

What's more important though, is the empowerment that comes with it.

Yoga would be useless if you couldn't take it off the mat, and here you really learn things you never thought you were capable of. Tori will take you on an authentic transformative journey!"



Irene C. 

Age 57

"Through her program, Tori has opened us up to the possibilities of who we can be as yogis, and that translates to who we can be in our lives as well.

I love the fact that we can ask questions during the classes and that Tori gives us corrections as we move through the sequence. She also will spend time with an individual student when it’s needed.

There is an intuition to the way she teaches. She knows when someone is struggling with something, or is just at the edge of getting and understanding the next step of a posture and she allows space for that in class. 

"I am 57 years old and my yoga has only gotten better since joining this program. I’ve gained a ton of strength - that’s not the story we hear about when we arrive at this age.

We are told, “When you get older you just can’t do what you used to. You're not as energetic. Your body just can’t do as much. Your muscles are not as strong. You’ll get injured, you can’t. In short, you're doomed, no way around it…

This program has taught me the opposite, I have become stronger over the last 2 years than with any other yoga practice I have ever taken on, from Bikram to Ashtanga.

Thank you Tori Hicks-Glogowski for showing us how to flip the script.
I am forever grateful…"

Amanda T. 

Age 38

"The changes in my yoga practice have been outstanding since joining this program. I am doing things I never thought I’d be able to do: drop backs, arm balances (I once laughed at because I thought they were impossible), even Crow Pose was a posture I thought was never going happen.But, in this program you work to achieve these and more.

At my current age I am surprised by the strength I’m building.
I never thought I’d have abs or arm muscles again. I thought that was a thing of the past!

This really is a program made for everyone… and I don’t say that just in terms of the practice….

The convenience of it is amazing. I am a working mom who is constantly on the go and I always have time for my practice now.

Here you will develop a long-term, in-depth yoga practice that will continue to change and grow, with a supportive teacher and community to back you up.

This will be my forever yoga home."

Linda H. 

Age 54, Wisconsin

"At first I was hesitant to try this online studio because the classes were longer and more intense than I was used to. And, I was used to practicing at in-person studios. 

But, I have found that I have gained so much strength over the past year - especially through my shoulders and abs. 

I especially love the "Fresh Off the Mat" section of the on-demand library. It makes it so easy to click into the latest on-demand classes and stay current. 

Tori has a unique skill of giving instruction and correction over video. This makes a huge difference over other online platforms. 

And, she has helped give me the tools to go into backbends I would have never dreamed of doing before, as well as, stretches and exercises to help with hip mobility. My splits work is improving in a big way and I'm seeing huge improvement in so many other yoga postures, too."

"After just this first week I am feeling more open in my chronic tight areas than ever before. Yay!"

"Tori, what a great class! It's been one week now and ooph, I am sore in all the good ways....more importantly though, I'm having so much fun with my practice again!"

"Today's class just rocked...I have been walking about 2 feet off the ground all day and just feel strong."

"I've been able to gain a ton of strength and I feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life."

"Another challenging class for me… I love it!"

"Super fun and challenging. Come join the party!"


"Another banger!! Everyday I’m like this is my new favorite class!! So fun!"

"I’m so grateful you moved your classes online and created such a great community! I feel very blessed. "

"Thanks, Tori! I did two poses today that I've never done so I love that!"

"I am beyond grateful for your classes!! I swear I have improved in so many ways!"

"I have only encountered a few other people in the yoga world that are as driven as Tori. I mean this woman CARES about what she does, and when you work with Tori, you want to give it all you have. Her passion is infectious."

"I have loved seeing an improvement in both my flexibility and strength - I didn’t know that was possible. And, I'm excited to see myself getting into some of these crazy poses! I've developed a new passion for yoga through Tori's online classes."


"I have definitely developed greater flexibility and strength through Tori's classes. Most importantly I’ve gained a renewed confidence. Initially, for many of the intermediate postures, I thought you were all crazy and never thought that I would be able to do them. Now I’m doing them and progressing fast."

"My yoga practice has evolved more in the last 5-months with this program than it has over the last 8-years."

"I just had never received that kind of attention and instruction before. I’m so excited because now, I can do it!!! Yippee!! And easily!!!

"It is awesome! I love the mobility work and, of course, the strength training. I am getting back to being bendy. Thank you Tori Hicks-Glogowski "

"I loved the encouragement from Tori to work harder and go deeper. So many yoga classes offered locally near me are more gentle and I loved pushing my mind and body into more advanced poses again."

"This program really does rock. I love the convenience of being able to take classes that work with my schedule. I mostly take recorded classes because of work, but I can also make the occasional live class where I receive feedback. And, practicing with such an amazing group of people is so much fun. We cheer for each other on the mat and in our lives. I am so grateful to be a part of this group. And I never thought I would take a yoga class other than in a 105° heated room. I can practice yoga anywhere!"

"I never thought I would take yoga online. But, at age 51, I've gained so much strength, increased my mobility, and am accomplishing arm balances, kicking up into Handstands, and dropping back into back bends - so many postures I wasn't able to do before!"

"Thanks! That was my first time in advanced bridge. So much fun!!!"

"I am a newbie here and really needed this!

Thank you, Tori!"

"I won’t see you all tomorrow in class…. However I’ll be doing Tuesday morning's class tomorrow at 8am and then Wednesday night's class Sunday morning. How lucky are we to have that kind of flexibility with our yoga classes? Tori Hicks-Glogowski, so much gratitude for what you have created for us yogis🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽"

"Loved this class! Being able to get to my online classes even when I can't attend the livestreams makes me so happy... and make those lame parts of my day okay! ❤️️"