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Revolution Hatha Flow: A Very Hip-py Practice 

Get ready for some serious yoga fun with this theme based class! This specific sequence introduces you to new mobility moves and challenges to open up your hips. You will be introduced to Funky Flying Lizard, as well as, Crawling Compass Pose. 

Elevate Your Crow Pose

Get ready for some serious Crow flights! This is the class to go to if you want to see huge improvement in this posture. Expect a series of rounded forward folds, core strengtheners, and Crow Drills like never before. 

Evolution Hatha Yoga: Zenergy 

A very twisty class. A great mix of strength, flexibility and mobility training that will help to balance out your energy and unlock your body and mind. 

Yoga Boost: Splits, Straddles & Core Work

Get ready to work up a sweat early on in this one with some isolated moves that will challenge your hips, core and hamstrings. A fun mix of arm balance work, splits and straddles, and core work!

Relax & Restore 

Tight shoulders? Hips a mess? Thoughts scattered? This class is kind of a lifeline. Have a bolster, 2 blocks and a strap in your space if possible. No props? You should still take this class.