My Fancy Third Person Bio.

Tori Hicks-Glogowski has been practicing yoga for close to 20 years and has been a full-time yoga teacher  for well over a decade.

With thousands of hours of yoga education under her belt, she knows all too well how the practice of yoga can transform your life.

Beginning as a Bikram Yoga Instructor in 2011, Tori also sought out certifications in Level II Traditional Hatha Yoga and CYoga, among many others.

She is a Certified RAD Yoga Mobility Specialist with expertise in self myofascial release techniques and was a USA Yoga Coach, assisting yoga athletes to train for competition.

Her superpower is to take a student stuck in "Beginner Yoga Land," and assist them to build into something much more empowering and fun, helping them tap into their limitless possibilities on their yoga mat and in their lives. 

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Hi! This is the real Tori.

It's always super weird to talk about yourself in the third person. 

Real Talk: Even though I play an inspiring yoga instructor on the internet, I'm also a real person with human foibles & a struggles and the occasional yoga fumble. I'm a middle school choir teacher's wife, a retired musical theater actress, a dog mom, and a small business owner. 

I'm passionate about changing your mind about your body. After suffering from disordered eating for almost half of my life, I turned it all around by finding love and peace with my body through yoga, meditation, and some deep work to cast away the quest for perfection and instead be the best me I could be.  

"My role in the world is to help women discover their own unique power on and off the yoga mat." 

You know that voice that tells you, "You can't do that!" when you see a fancy yoga posture, or a daring hike up a mountain, or watch American Ninja Warrior?

Think of me as the friend that always loves to prove that voice wrong and shows you how to get to where you want to be - loving your body, your life, and all of your possibilities. 

Basically, I create safe spaces for women to come together and support each other in their yoga practice.

I help normalize women cheering each other on, celebrating your own victories, and getting to know yourself better than anyone else. 

I'm really good at what I do and I've helped hundreds of people throughout the last decade of my career as a yoga instructor. 

Currently, I do this through:

The Meet Me on Your Mat Online Yoga Program

Private Yoga Sessions

Teacher Mentorship Sessions 

I'm here to help and serve. 

Yoga isn't the only way to get to a place of feeling great about yourself, but it is one of the best tools out there. 

Making it accessible and easy to understand is what I love to do most in the world.