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Hi! I'm Tori. 

I passionately offer yoga students the next step forward in their practice, creating a space where they feel supported and seen. When you attend my class you are not just another a box on a screen or taking a recording all on your own, but part of a program that allows you to stretch beyond what you believe is possible when it comes to your yoga practice.

You can expect unique classes that bridge the gap between beginner level classes and more advanced asana that have my students achieving more on their mat and in their practice than they have in years.

More About Me

A yoga program for the student ready for the next step forward. 

There is nothing better for me in the whole wide world than seeing that satisfied and surprised smile on a student’s face when they accomplish what they once believed was impossible. Because when you break through barriers on your yoga mat, you will begin to gain confidence in your daily life, too. And, that... changes everything.  

There are 3 main components to my yoga program:

Traditional Hatha Yoga 

If you love Bikram Yoga, you'll love this class. And, since you're practicing from home, if you love or hate the heat in those classes, you can decide if you want to light your skin on fire or keep it cool - yay for climate control! One thing I can promise you is you will sweat. Based upon the structure of the twenty-six postures found in the Bikram Method, this class introduces you to arm balancing postures, inversions, deep back bends, and salutations. Kind of like an old friend that grounds you when you when the world feels like its spinning too fast, this class is here to help you set solid goals for your overall health and well-being.

Power Hatha Flow

This is the yoga adventure you've always wanted to take, but never knew existed. In this class you'll come at postures in fresh ways to understand them better than you ever have before. Deep twists, back bends, challenging arm balances, inversions, and strengthening flows set this class apart from the rest, not to mention a touch of the unexpected. Get ready to surprise yourself with everything you can do and to feel like a kid on the yoga playground each time your show up for class.


I believe in breaks. Sometimes all you need is to slow down and restore. This class serves up longer holds, a slower pace, and a relaxing vibe throughout the session. Added throughout the class you'll learn self myofascial release techniques to break up knots and bring energy to tired areas. This is the bubble bath of yoga classes. You're welcome.

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What can you expect from my class?

My yoga classes are challenging, but fun. Expect to work for new things in your body and mind and surprise yourself over and over again. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

Learn how to fit the postures to YOUR body to get the most out of your practice and the time you spend on your mat.  

Diverse Classes

You'll never take the same class twice. We'll come at postures from fresh ways and learn something new each time we come together for class. 


Every class can be personalized to fit your personal physical needs and restrictions. Need a modification? Just ask. 

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  • Unlimited Access to 4 to 5 Live Stream Classes per Week
  • Over 350+ on-demand classes, posture tutorials, and meditations you can access immediately.
  • One-on-One Time with Me for Guidance & Support
  • Group Challenges throughout the year
  • Membership Meet-up Sessions: The place to ask questions and connect with fellow yogis in the program. 
  • Daily Access to a Thriving Community of likeminded, goal-oriented people.
  • Zero Commitment - Cancel Anytime 
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What my students are saying:

Denise K. 

"My yoga practice has evolved more in the last 5-months with Tori's online yoga classes than it has in the last 8 years!"

John J. 

"Tori is the most knowledgeable, thorough, tough, yet compassionate, yoga teacher I know. Her passion is infectious!"

Agnes C.

"I've developed a new passion for yoga through Tori's classes. There’s so much to learn and ways to be better. It’s a challenging challenge."

Melanie H. 

"These classes are a safe space to challenge your mind and body to continue to open up and take on new experiences."

Amy B. 

"I am continuously inspired by the community of yogis that show up for these classes. This program has given me some sense of grounding in uncertain times."

Irene C. 

"Through Tori's online classes I've gained peace of mind, as well as, something to ground and energize me for the day ahead. And, pride in what I've accomplished."

Bring the fun back to your yoga practice and join me for class today! 

I'm gonna be honest with you, my classes are not for students brand new to a yoga practice. But, if you've had a consistent practice for at least a year, you will love the challenge of these classes. So, take the leap and join us! 

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