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Float Your Boat (Pose)

online yoga yoga yoga class yoga instruction yoga tips Aug 08, 2022

Do you love Boat Pose like I do? No?

Don’t worry, I haven’t had anyone tell me they love when I instruct to move into Boat Pose, or Navasana… yet.

But, maybe there’s someone out there that is keeping their love of Boat to dull roar because everyone around them in their yoga class is obviously not a fan.

If it’s you, I won’t tell. Promise.

Because usually when I say “Boat” during class, I’m met with a groan or a heavy weighted sigh that could take down a small child.

And, I get it. It is TOUGH.

Simple? Yes. Difficult and reeking in discomfort. Still, yes.

So, I’m going to offer you all of the tips I can to help make this one less of a red button posture and more of a “Heck, yeah. Let’s Boat!!” posture.

Here’s what I have for you:

Start at the very beginning with your alignment.

Not ready for the full expression of Boat? Do not worry. Back it up and build towards it.

Start here, with your toes on the ground and your hands locked into the back of your thighs close to your knee. Keep your knees together.

Pay attention to your spine. Lift the chest up and squeeze through your abdominal muscles, closing your ribs.

If this feels relatively easy, move on to the next step.

Keeping your spine straight, lift your toes off the floor and float your shins parallel to the floor.

Keep the bind at the back of the thighs. Your spine is the most important thing, so don’t make it about the legs.

If the shoulders begin to round and the chest falls forward, so that you have a hunched position, go back to the beginning and build your strength there.

From here, if you’re feeling strong and stable the next step is for you.

Now, if all is well, extend the knees.

Let go of your legs and stretch the arms forward. I love a big jazz hand here. It keeps the intensity and the chest lifted.

Keep the knees together. (This is tougher than it looks.) And, the spine as straight as possible.

If this is you👇 ... dial it back a step and work to lift the chest and engage through your core muscles. 

Does your tailbone hurt?

Let me help you. Get on top of your sitz bones – those knobby things you feel in your butt.

There should be zero weight on the sacrum. If there is, go back to the beginning and work there.

Below is a picture of a great modification to use if you feel like this posture is becoming more about not falling over and less about strengthening the muscles of the core and the hip flexors.

Have 2 blocks placed in front of you at their highest setting and place your feet on the blocks, so that your shins are relatively parallel to the floor.

Begin with just your toes on the blocks at first. As you feel stronger here over time, then move your heels to the blocks. 

From here, keep your spine straight, chest lifted and extend the arms in front of you. This will allow you to gain strength over time.

And, there might be a day where you can ditch the blocks and begin to move forward.

But, always be patient with your practice.

The things you focus on grow, evolve, and change. It will get better.


If your neck begins to bother you or the quads begin to cramp, come out of it. Have an instructor you trust look at your form. And, instead of charging forward, take it back a step to get the form, technique, and alignment just right for you.

Boat Pose is one that helps you develop piking into inversions, stabilizes the core muscles, and makes you feel like a rock star that first time you pull through it with ease.

If you have any questions, just holler, or join me for class or a private session. I’d love to connect with you over this one.

Will it be in my class this week? Yup. It’s too good not to add to the mix.

Sending you love & hugs,
Tori ♡

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