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Fix Your Forearm Plank in 3 Easy Moves

fitness tips forearm plank midlife fitness online yoga plank pose yoga yoga tips Dec 19, 2023

You don’t want your shoulders to hurt, right? Or, your neck to be all whacked out? OR, to have your low back start aching?

Because Forearm Plank is one of the most under taught yoga postures out there. 

Why? Teachers assume you know how to do it. 

And, it’s become common knowledge that this core move can pack some serious punch when you want to bring strength into your practice.

If you do these 3 things when approaching your Forearm Plank, you are going to get all of the benefits and none of the aches and pains:

1. Look forward, not down.

When you get tired in this posture from a long hold, the tendency is to look down.

If you find yourself looking down, know that it's a big signal that you are getting tired and things are starting to fall apart when it comes to your form. 

If you can't maintain a forward gaze, bring your knees down to your yoga mat and build the posture from here. 

This will help prevent neck stiffness and overall shoulder weirdness.

2. Pull the shoulders AWAY from the spine. (Protract your shoulders.)

This is usually the biggest mistake when you get weary.

The shoulder blades pull together (retract) and suddenly they are bearing way too much weight.

Have you ever come out of a pilates or yoga class and wondered why your shoulders aren't just sore, they actually hurt?

More than likely you were retracting the shoulders in your planks. 

So, once again, if you cannot maintain the shoulder blades apart, bring your knees down to the mat for a half plank and build the strength there for a bit.

Remember, there is no rush in yoga. Everything will come together in it's own time. 

3. Hips down & low spine long.

The hips should not be popping up above the shoulder line and there should be zero back bend in the low spine.

If you have a sway back (me!) it will feel like you’re tucking the pelvis.

The ribs are closed and the pelvis is neutral. This is the best way to work.

I hope this helps!

And, remember, if you’re looking for someone to help you advance your practice and give you the personal attention you deserve, come meet me on your mat through my online studio soon.

You are going to feel so connected, empowered, and part of a thriving community of people you will love. ✨

See you in class soon!

Big Hugs,
Tori ♡

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