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designed to turn your

"I can't do that," into "I definitely can!"


Hi! I'm Tori.

I developed my unique online yoga program just for you:

A person who wants to see what's possible when you give up what you've been told about aging, healing, and that your best years are behind you.

You weren't meant to live your life out in beginner's yoga classes where you never have the feeling of empowerment, growth, and surprising yourself on every level. 

You were always meant to take the leap forward.

And, this is it! 


In my signature program you will train to fly, float, and bend in new ways as you reach for fresh possibilities on your yoga mat, and in your life. 

In this program:

✾ You will change your mind about yourself and what you can accomplish with each and every session. 
✾ You will never be bored in with your yoga practice again, as you embrace all of your possibilities, exploring postures in fresh ways. 
✾ And, you will see your confidence soar as you discover your inner yoga superstar. 💫


Yes, I want to join!

So, if you're second guessing yourself right now, this is completely normal.

Know you are in the right place if you are:

You deserve to thrive.

You are ready for this program if: 

❋ You have taken beginner's yoga for years. And, you'd like to see if you have it within you to take the next step. (Clue: You do!)

You’ve had a few advanced classes and felt completely overwhelmed, the instructor never explaining how to build into the practice. 

You can’t find intermediate/advanced yoga classes ANYWHERE. Or, if you can, they’re only offered once or twice a week.

You’ve tried some deeper work on your own, but the fear of hurting yourself stopped you from moving forward. You're looking for a skilled instructor (me!) to guide you through the process.

You're a yoga instructor and have lost the passion for your practice. It all seems to be the same thing over and over again. (until now!)

❋ And, yet.. you still dream about achieving certain postures. You see pictures on Instagram and think, that would be so cool if I could do that.

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"With Tori's Meet Me on Your Mat Online Yoga I've been able to gain a ton of strength and I feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life."

~ Jan J. 

"Tori's online yoga program is a safe space to challenge your mind and body to continue to open and take on new experiences. I'm often surprised by what I can do."

~ Melanie H. 

"My yoga practice has evolved more in the last 5-months with Tori's online program than it has in the last 8-years!"

~ Denise K. 

Until now your attempts to deepen your yoga practice have left you feeling: 

  • Out of shape
  • Too old
  • Confused or overwhelmed
  • Not strong enough
  • As if it's going to take FOREVER to achieve a breakthrough moment

Guess what?

None of this is true.

Teaching yoga in a way that is straightforward & accessible is my superpower.

You will never be alone in your yoga practice again.


In my program, you will learn to love the body you have & tap into your unlimited potential, turning your, “I can’t do that,” into “I definitely can!”

If you're thinking that this is like every other online yoga program out there... you're wrong.

This online yoga experience is all about connection. 

✾ I am your yoga instructor and your personal trainer. I know my students. You are not just another box on the screen or taking class all on your own. You are supported and seen, whether you show up for a livestream class, or take the classes on-demand. 

✾ You will not only be connected to me, you will be connected to everyone else that steps onto their mat for these classes. Make friends in online yoga? Yes, absolutely!! 

✾ When you show up for a livestream class, we keep your mics on so you can ask questions as you're moving through the practice, not typing frantically into the computer or raising your virtual hand.

We move through class together - we learn, we laugh... we sometimes groan. I can hear if your breathing is off and get you back on track. Expect to feel as if you are in a studio from the comfort of your very own home. (If there is noise coming from your space that interrupts the class though, we ask you to mute until it has passed.)

✾ Also, for the livestream classes we leave our video cameras on, too (if you're camera shy it's not required). This way you will receive individualized attention and feedback as you practice. 

✾ AND, there are 4 to 5 livestream classes per week. Most other online yoga options have, at most, 2 classes a week, if any, and you usually have to pay WAY more to attend. 

If you're waiting...

✾ Until you get in better shape.

✾ The time where you feel your practice is strong enough.

✾ Or, the day you suddenly feel younger…

You need to take a breath, pause and know that you are already enough exactly as you are.

What I love about the yoga I teach and this unique program of classes is that once you bust through blocks on your yoga mat, you’re going to start changing your mind about your entire life. Where else are you selling yourself short?

Since the beginning of this program in 2020, my students have taken the leap and started new jobs and careers, moved to the house of their dreams, made tough decisions to reclaim their lives, and gone on adventures with family and friends.

When you learn to fly, float, and bend in a whole new way, you begin to feel absolutely unstoppable.

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Join the program today and receive:

Over 350 on-demand classes, posture tutorials, and meditations you can access immediately.

This library of classes is updated daily with the latest sessions. In this way, whether you can attend live, or not, you will never miss a class. Every class is like a workshop, adding new postures, fresh approaches, and thoughts on technique & form to your practice. (A $49 value per month.)

Access links to join me for a live stream classes 4 to 5 times a week.

Unlike a ton of other online yoga programs out there, I show up live to connect with you more than once a week. Easily click into class daily with no fuss to share your practice with the Meet Me on Your Mat Community and connect directly with Tori. (Individual livestream classes are valued at $15 per session.)

Office hours.

This is your time as a new student to connect with me one-on-one. During your 14-days you can schedule a 20-30 minute appointment where you can ask questions, receive personal corrections, and set new goals for your practice. (A $75 value.)

Access to the Member's Only Facebook Group.

Get to know the other students in the program and connect with likeminded people just like you. Post your own progress, get feedback, add your voice to community conversations, and ask questions to both Tori and the group. It’s the most positive space in all of social media! (Belonging to this community = priceless!)

Bonus! My bundle of Fundamentals Workshops Free

 Set yourself up for success before you click into your first class. Quickly learn the fundamentals of arm balancing, back bending, and inversions with my no-nonsense, you've-got-this workshop series that takes the guesswork out of how to begin the next step forward in your yoga practice.  (A $39 value.) 

Zero Commitment - Cancel Anytime. 

It's your time to realize your potential and break through your yoga plateau.

There will ALWAYS be a reason to delay your beginnings. Always. 

I have been teaching for well over a decade and on my mat for almost 20 years. I have heard every excuse in the book. 

Your excuse isn't special, but YOU are. 

It's time to make one of two choices: 

Choice #1: Do nothing.

Your practice stays the same. YOU stay the same. You go back to Beginner's Yogaland. But, you know that when you stay the same, NOTHING CHANGES. I don't know about you, but at the end of my life I want to know that I embraced change, took risks to grow and evolve, and had a great adventure along the way. Do you hear that? This is your adventure calling! 

Choice #2: Step into your new beginning & learn to fly, float & bend in a whole new way!

If you know you want to finally step into the next phase of your yoga journey and release all of the lame things society tells us about aging and what's possible for your mental and physical health, as well as your confidence, the choice is obvious. Let's grow bolder, instead of older... together! 

Simply click the button below and your new uplifting & inspiring yoga community & I will be waiting for you on the inside to celebrate this next leap forward in your yoga practice. 

It's time to crush goals, realize all of your potential, and invite in new possibilities for your yoga practice and your life.


New Student Trial Membership: 2-Weeks for $30 USD.  


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