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Hi! I'm Tori.

You know how your body changes at midlife and at the same time you feel like days are simply flying by?
And, when you think about working out or stepping on your yoga mat, it’s all the same old, same old – you never feel challenged to something more or new?  
I teach classes you won’t find anywhere else that will help you grow your practice, gain a ton of strength, increasing flexibility and mobility, and achieving postures you never thought were possible for you.
Here you will discover that your body, mind, and yoga practice have the possibility to improve as you age. 
I'm in! I want to join.

There is only so much time in the day and online yoga saves you SO much time. No schlepping to and from a studio, stuck in traffic. And, you can easily jump into a class in between meetings and appointments. Plus, you will always receive a high quality, well thought out class with a teacher (me!) that knows you and your goals. This is unlike most other yoga options out there – online and in-person alike.

My students make a ton of progress quickly because they are learning to build a practice that is meant to grow and evolve, they receive individual attention, and are surrounded by a community of likeminded women that will cheer them on and support them every step of the way. 

I think you would be a great fit to this studio, so let’s get you signed up for your trial membership today and get you into class. I can’t’ wait to see your first breakthrough moment – it’s just around the corner when you take this leap.

Midlife? It's going to be your best life.


2-Weeks for $30 USD.
Sign me up!

When you join the Meet Me on Your Mat Online Studio you will train to fly, float, and bend in new ways as you reach for fresh possibilities on your yoga mat, and in your life. 

In my classes:

✾ You will change your mind about yourself and what you can accomplish with each and every session. 
✾ You will work to increase your mobility & flexibility. You will gain a TON of strength with each class. And, you will feel so, so good in your own skin. 
✾ You will never be bored in with your yoga practice again, as you embrace all of your possibilities, exploring postures in fresh ways. 
✾ And, you will see your confidence soar as you begin to experience breakthrough moments, accomplishing postures you never thought were possible for you in the past. 
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Irene C.

"I am 56 years old and my yoga has only gotten better since joining Tori's online studio. I’ve gained a ton of strength - that’s not the story we hear about when we arrive at this age.

We are told, “When you get older you just can’t do what you used to. You're not as energetic. Your body just can’t do as much. Your muscles are not as strong. You’ll get injured, you can’t. In short, you're doomed, no way around it…

Thank you Tori Hicks-Glogowski for showing us how to flip the script.
I am forever grateful…"

You deserve to thrive.

You are ready for my classes if: 

❋ You have taken beginner's yoga for weeks, or months, or maybe even YEARS and you'd like to see if you have it within you to take the next step. (Hint: You do!)

 You are willing to step out of your comfort zone again and again to build confidence, strength, and mobility. 

You can’t find yoga classes that challenge you or offer you the next step forward in your practice ANYWHERE. Or, if you can, they’re only offered once a week.

You’ve hit your midlife years and are looking to see what's possible for you - not your kids, not your partner, not your boss or co-workers. It's finally your time to shine. 

You're a yoga instructor and have lost the passion for your practice. It all seems to be the same thing over and over again. (until now!)

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"With Tori's online studio I've been able to gain a ton of strength and I feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life."

~ Jan J. 

"This online studio really does rock. Practicing with such an amazing group of people is so much fun. We cheer for each other on the mat and in our lives.  I never thought I would take a yoga class other than at a heated studio. Now I can practice yoga anywhere!"

~ Amy B. 

"Tori's online yoga studio is a safe space to challenge your mind and body to continue to open and take on new experiences. I'm often surprised by what I CAN do."

~ Melanie H. 

Denise K. 

"I hadn’t been practicing yoga pre-pandemic and I have to admit the first few classes were rough.

But, I have never felt that Tori’s classes were out of my reach because of something she says frequently: “We begin at the beginning. If the first step is to grab your calf muscle in a C-shape that’s what you work on.” Even if I can’t do the full expression of a posture I can always do the first step.

Tori’s instructions are clear and she has such a great eye for everyone’s practice. Working with her I am successful in postures that I never dared dream would be mine.

Besides being able to do fun poses this yoga has improved my quality of life. At age 58, I have more flexibility than I did 20 years ago. I am able to move my legs up and through to climb onto boats, kayaks and ladders safely and easily - which hasn’t been the case for quite awhile.

In addition it is really fun to have a group of women who share the same passion for feeling good and challenging themselves as I do. I love my yoga friends! Knowing that they are waiting for me helps me to join a class when my brain is telling me that I am too busy or tired."

I teach yoga in a way that is both straightforward & accessible.

You will never be alone in your yoga practice again.

 In my classes, you will learn to love the body you have & tap into your unlimited potential.

Expect to experience breakthrough moments in your practice. And,  encouragement & cheers from, not only me, but the whole community. 

You'll experience 4 types of classes in my online studio.

Each one is here to assist you in opening up the body and mind to new possibilities. 

Evolution Hatha Yoga 

This class is where you learn the building blocks to arm balancing postures, inversions, deep back bends, and salutations and witness the evolution of your overall practice from class to class. Expect to gain a deeper understanding of proper form and technique, and to layer the steps of each posture into your body in a way that helps you achieve your yoga and wellness goals. 

Revolution Hatha Flow

A true yoga adventure! This class is set up in the form of a mini workshop, where you will concentrate on one facet of your practice at a time. Each session will hone in on a specific posture, or set of postures, to help you go deeper and understand them better than ever before. Strengthening flows and a touch of the unexpected set these classes apart from the rest, truly revolutionizing your yoga practice. 

Yoga Boost Drills & Conditioning

Nothing gets left behind in this class. Here you will gain strength, flexibility, and mobility in new ways with a healthy helping of both yoga drills and pilates moves to help you find your float in inversions, fly higher in your arm balancing postures, and deepen your back bend. Expect to move, sweat and have a ton of fun along the way. 


I believe in breaks. Sometimes all you need is to slow down and restore. This class serves up longer holds, a slower pace, and a relaxing vibe throughout the session. Added throughout the class you'll learn self myofascial release techniques to break up knots and bring energy to tired areas. This is the bubble bath of yoga classes. You're welcome.

If you're thinking that this is like every other online yoga studio out there... you're wrong.

This online yoga experience is all about connection. 

✾ I am your yoga instructor and your personal trainer. I know my students. You are not just another box on the screen or taking class all on your own. You are supported and seen, whether you show up for a livestream class, or take the classes on-demand. 

✾ You will not only be connected to me, you will be connected to everyone else that steps onto their mat for these classes. Make friends in online yoga? Yes, absolutely!! 

✾ When you show up for a livestream class, we keep your mics on so you can ask questions as you're moving through the practice, not typing frantically into the computer or raising your virtual hand.

We move through class together - we learn, we laugh... we sometimes groan. I can hear if your breathing is off and get you back on track. Expect to feel as if you are in a studio from the comfort of your very own home. (If there is noise coming from your space that interrupts the class though, we ask you to mute until it has passed.)

✾ Also, for the livestream classes we leave our video cameras on, too (if you're camera shy it's not required). This way you will receive individualized attention and feedback as you practice. 

✾ AND, there are 4 to 5 livestream classes per week. Most other online yoga options have, at most, 2 classes a week, if any, and you usually have to pay WAY more to attend. 

If you're waiting...

✾ Until you achieve certain postures in your practice or feel "in shape."

✾ Or, the day you "have the time" instead of choosing to make the time..

You need to take a breath, notice all the negative talk & excuses, and know that you already have everything you need to take this next step forward. 

What I love about the yoga I teach and this unique program of classes is that once you bust through blocks on your yoga mat, you’re going to start changing your mind about your entire life. Where else are you selling yourself short?

Since the beginning of the Meet Me on Your Mat Online Studio in 2020, my students have taken the leap and started new jobs and careers, moved to the house of their dreams, made tough decisions to reclaim their lives, and gone on adventures with family and friends.

When you learn to fly, float, and bend in a whole new way, you begin to feel absolutely unstoppable.

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Join today and receive:

Over 400 on-demand classes, posture tutorials, and meditations you can access immediately.

This library of classes is updated daily with the latest sessions. In this way, whether you can attend live, or not, you will never miss a class. Every class is like a workshop, adding new postures, fresh approaches, and thoughts on technique & form to your practice. (A $49 value per month.)

Access links to join me for a live stream classes 4 to 5 times a week.

Unlike a ton of other online yoga programs out there, I show up live to connect with you more than once a week. Easily click into class daily with no fuss to share your practice with the Meet Me on Your Mat Community and connect directly with Tori. (Individual livestream classes are valued at $15 per session.)

Office hours with Tori.

This is your time as a new student to connect with me one-on-one. Not my assistant or another instructor. During your 14-days you can schedule a 20-30 minute appointment where you can ask questions, receive personal corrections, and set new goals for your practice. (A $75 value.)

Access to the Meet Me on Your Mat Online Community.

Get to know the other students in the program and connect with likeminded people just like you. Post your own progress, get feedback, take on a challenge, join a meetup session, add your voice to community conversations, and ask questions to both Tori and the group. (Belonging to this community = priceless!)


Bonus! My bundle of Fundamentals Workshops Free

 Set yourself up for success before you click into your first class. Quickly learn the fundamentals of arm balancing, back bending, lunging postures, and inversions with my no-nonsense, you've-got-this workshop series that takes the guesswork out of how to begin the next step forward in your yoga practice.  (A $39 value.) 

Zero Commitment - Cancel Anytime. 

Join now with a 2-week trial membership

It's your time to realize your potential and break through your yoga plateau.

There will ALWAYS be a reason to delay your beginnings. Always. 

I have been teaching for well over a decade and on my mat for almost 20 years. I have heard every excuse in the book. 

Your excuse isn't special, but YOU are.

Your dreams matter, so let's go get them!

Amanda T.

"The changes in my yoga practice have been outstanding since joining Tori's online studio. I am doing things I never thought I’d be able to do: drop backs, arm balances (I once laughed at because I thought they were impossible), even Crow Pose was a posture I thought was never going happen.But, in this program you work to achieve these and more.

At my current age I am surprised by the strength I’m building.
I never thought I’d have abs or arm muscles again. I thought that was a thing of the past!

This really is a program made for everyone… and I don’t say that just in terms of the practice….

The convenience of it is amazing. I am a working mom who is constantly on the go and I always have time for my practice now.

Here you will develop a long-term, in-depth yoga practice that will continue to change and grow, with a supportive teacher and community to back you up.

This will be my forever yoga home."

It's your time to shine.

Simply click the button below and your new super fun & inspiring yoga community & I will be waiting for you on the inside to celebrate this next leap forward in your yoga practice. 

  New Student Trial Membership: 2-Weeks for $30 USD.  

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