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Trying to learn to Handstand in my 40s I made these mistakes so you don’t have to...

handstand inversion practice midlifefitness yoga Dec 08, 2023

Taking on Handstand in my 40s? It was a daunting challenge to say the least. 

I was always considered a "bigger" girl growing up. 

I'm tall, curvy and not someone you think would even want to learn how to do things like a Handstand. 

That's for tiny, gymnast type girls in their 20s, right? 

But, it's been the most fun and challenging part of my yoga practice. And, frankly, I'm addicted. 

Did I make a ton of mistakes along the way? Umm. Yup. So many mistakes. 

So, I thought I'd impart my wisdom to you this week. You don't have to make these mistakes... I already did. 

Let's dig in to the good info. 

1. I delayed really doing the work on Handstand because I assumed that I was past the point of getting good at it.

And, I regret that big time.

Working towards Handstand is so FUN. And, way more engaging than lifting weights.

Because you are going to gain SO much strength in the process.

2. I sought out teachers, but most of them were male.

And, they had no idea how to deal with a woman’s body or answer my questions when it came to hip placement.

If you are a woman, find a woman to help you. I promise it will make a difference. (But, the male teachers were great, too - just different.)

3. I made impossible goals instead of taking the process in tiny bite-sized moments of progress.

It’s going to take some time.

You are more than likely not going to be in the middle of the room in a Handstand by the end of a year.

But, the time will pass anyway and each year, you will be closer to the goals you long to achieve.

So, keep going. 💥

And, if you want to be in a space where you can work on Handstand and Forearm Balance often, come join me for class in my online studio.

It’s THE online space, built on connection and community, where you'll have a yoga teacher and a personal yoga coach (me!) to help you truly shake up your and completely transform your yoga practice at any age. 

Come check it out!

Big Hugs,
Tori ♡

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