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Why Perfection & Yoga Need to Break Up

advanced yoga midlife fitness yoga yoga life Jan 21, 2024

I was teaching Side Shoulder Stand this past Tuesday - a BEAST of a posture - when I completely fell out of it and onto my bum.

Picking myself up and trying again, I did get a decent demo going for the students in the livestream class, but it was by no means perfect.

A few years ago, I would have walked out of that class upset with myself and a little embarrassed.

But, instead I walked out of that class thinking it was overall a good one and that I did my best teaching some super tough material.

One of my favorite teachers often berates themselves when a demo of a yoga posture goes the wrong way.

"Oh, bad yoga teacher," they exclaim, brow furrowing and jaw clamping down like a vice.

And, I hate when they do it.

Because no one is expecting you to be yoga robot.

And, if they are, that's on them and not on you.

Your practice changes from day to day and it's supposed to.

Some days everything feels, dare I say, easy.

And, other days it feels like you're moving your body through a mine field.

So, please know yoga is not about seeking perfection.

In so many ways, it will teach you let go of the idea of perfection and how ridiculous that notion is to begin with.

Embrace your yoga fumbles.

More than likely, they will teach you more about yourself than achieving the fullest expression of a yoga posture ever will.

Because the adventure is in the becoming.

So, if you are limiting your yoga practice to a handful of achievable postures you feel super comfortable with... I hate to tell you, that's not where it's at.

Take on postures that are daring and will teach you something new.

And, let go of what you think should happen and allow what does. 

Because, that is the key to not only a fully embodied yoga practice, but to a fully lived life. 

Big Hugs,

Tori ♡ 

P.S. I hope to see you in class this week! Sure, my classes will challenge you, but they also will help you let go of perfection and embrace everything you already are in new ways. Let's do it! 

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