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When Kale Shrapnel Ends Up in Your Laundry... Be Thankful for Yoga

yoga yoga inspiration yoga life Aug 23, 2023

This past Monday, I woke up and the coffee maker would not turn on. It stood there on the counter like a dead object refusing the one thing I wanted most in that moment - coffee. 

I hit it a couple of times, trying to wack some sense into it. And, then hair askew, glasses on, I pulled a sweatshirt on over my pajamas, climbed into my Jeep and drove across the street to get the cup of coffee I needed. 

Not the best start to the week, but it did make me laugh at the absurdity of it. And, my weak attempt at reviving the coffee maker. 

On Tuesday, standing over the kitchen sink rinsing out each part of my juicer, the sink started to back up. Kale leaves floated amongst rice from last night's meal and a dark gunky color pervaded the water. 

I sighed and told myself my husband would take a look at it when he returned home that evening. 

Until I walked into the laundry room to find water all over the floor. When peering into the running washer, I spotted kale leaves floating amongst my white load of clothes. 

I called a plumber immediately. But, once again laughed at the weirdness of it. Kale in the laundry? 

And, by 2pm that afternoon all was fixed. 

Wednesday, I moved slow and kept my head down.

Thursday, the internet went down. During a morning storm a truck hit a pole and I had zero internet. 

I wasn't too worried as I wasn't teaching a livestream class until later that evening. 

But, after being out and about for most of the day, when I returned, still nothing. 

Having no internet for an online yoga teacher is kind of the same thing as having no heat when you're a hot yoga studio owner. 

And, I have never cancelled a class in over 3 and a half years. I was not about to ruin this streak.

But, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, so you just have to go with what's happening. 

Luckily, an hour before class began, the internet came back on and all was well. 

Friday, once again juicing, I forgot to put the pitcher that catches the juice in it's place. 

Putting spinach leaves into the juicer, my jaw dropped as green juice shot across my kitchen, spraying it's vibrant color all over my newly painted white cabinets. 

At this point, I could not stop laughing. What was this week? 

But, it was also kind of a great week. 

You see all of those yoga fumbles and fails I've had through the years have taught me to laugh at myself and that life doesn't have to be so darn serious all of the time. 

If you can laugh at face planting in Peacock Pose, you're probably not going to mind when projectile green juice needs to be wiped up off your cabinets. 

Yoga makes your imperfect moments not only tolerable, but part of the fun of life. 

Because it's not about what happens to you. It's about how you respond to it. 

So, for no other reason than keeping a good sense of humor when life starts to kick you in the butt, roll out your mat this week and do your yoga. 

Here's to another week of life's big adventure. Keep it light in your mind and your heart and enjoy even the pitfalls and bumps along the way if they happen to you. 

Big Hugs, 

Tori ♡ 

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