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Why "Let It Go” is Bad Advice…

Nov 03, 2021

And, it’s become such a cliché. Especially, for people that practice yoga, like us. Do you feel this way, too?

The phrase, “Let it go,” is on t-shirts, coffee mugs, billboards, and in your social media feed. Sometimes you’ll see it fashioning a modern-day cuss word to make it sound "cool."

I think I see, “Let that sh!* go,” at least once a day somewhere. Funny enough it’s often boldly stated over a graphic of a Buddha. Or, a silhouette of a super calm woman with a perfect ponytail meditating. What is that about?

And, even I, at times, hear myself saying this phrase now and again.

It happens when I teach class and I see a student get all twisty in their mind about how things should be going for their practice instead of just being with what is happening.

Or, when that situation that never quite resolved itself pops into my mind like a bad commercial that plays over and over again. Oh, no, not you again, I think. “Let it go,” I whisper under my breath, rolling my eyes at the fact that I haven’t gotten there yet.

But, “Let it go,” is not really great advice.

You are not meant to just let everything go. You were meant to learn from the situations you find yourself in. And then, integrate them into your life as you move forward, taking the lessons learned.

In this way, you stop the cycle of repeating the same situations over and over again. But, instead take on new adventures and learn new lessons. 

So, this week if you have something you can’t shake – a situation, a person… a situation with a person – maybe not beat yourself up so much if you can’t let it go. Instead, figure out what you’re supposed to learn.

When you approach life this way, integrating each situation into who you are becoming, you’ll find yourself not being so hard on yourself every step of the way. It makes you an active participant in your journey instead of shutting out and brushing aside the lessons that were meant to shape you.

I hope these words help you this week as you are bombarded with “Let it go,” from every corner of the world.

Remember, this is your becoming. It’s not about clearing the deck each day. It’s about finally allowing yourself to be you.

 And, this world needs more and more people to do just that. Don’t you think?



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