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What's Been Your Greatest Adventure?

Dec 13, 2021

This past weekend I had the absolute privilege of taking my nephew out on a little excursion to celebrate his seventh birthday. The plan was that Jeffrey and I would take him to the nearest book store, have him pick out all of the books he was super excited to read, and then have lunch.

After learning all about who “Cat Kid,” and “Dog Man,” at the book store, we stopped at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, my nephew beaming at the free “Cat Kid,” patch the woman gave him as we were checking out.

On the kid’s menu there was a cute game where you spin a crayon over a wheel and then answer the question or do the activity that was suggested. (Whoever put this on the kid’s menu is a genius because it was super fun.)

My nephew spun the crayon and read, “What has been your greatest adventure?”

Going around the table, he answered first, “Going to South Dakota this summer on vacation.”

Knowing what a great time they had on that trip I thought that was a solid choice.

I also picked a vacation. “Going to Lithuania. What would you say, babe?” I asked Jeffrey.

He paused, looked me dead in the eye and said with a smile, “Marrying you.”

My nephew laughed, picking up on the cleverness of the answer. And, I couldn’t help, but be tickled by it, too.

And, my husband is right. Not on exactly the “marrying you,” part. You don’t have to get married to have an adventure. (Though, I do wake up every single day grateful beyond measure that we are in this life journey together.)

Where Jeffrey is right, is in the fact that this whole life experience – that’s the adventure. And, we each get to experience our story, page by page, and chapter by chapter.

So, if I can tell you one thing this week it would be this: Be more interested in your life than anyone else’s.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get drawn into someone’s else’s life via a social media feed, or a reality show, or binging Netflix for hours on end. But, that’s not your life. It’s a nice escape if you need it.

But, come back to what you are creating for you.

Make your life the best adventure you could ever imagine. And, be curious where you’re going or where the road might lead you that you have yet to even contemplate.

Because I find time and again I’m led down paths I never knew were even there. And, they’re usually crammed full of new thoughts and experiences that shape you into, well, YOU.

So, say 'no' where you need to, so you can say 'yes!!' where you want to. Book an activity you always wanted to attend or try. Walk somewhere new this week instead of the same old walk you do day after day. Get your hands on the floor and be curious about what it would feel like to lift off in an arm balance or turn upside down in an inversion.

It's the little things that lead you to the adventure you seek. 



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