I’m not offering you just another yoga class. I’m offering you a huge step forward in your practice. 

My online yoga program was created to empower you and assist you in building a new sense of confidence - on & off your yoga mat. 

These are mixed levels classes. There is no pressure to push into something you're not ready for. Just work where you are and enjoy each breakthrough moment as they come.

You will be allowed to ask questions in real time. And, you'll receive personalized feedback on how to improve your form & technique to feel overall better in your body.

Get ready to explore new possibilities and have a ton of fun along the way! 

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I’m often asked why there isn’t an opportunity to attend a single class. 

But, you see, this space is about way more than one yoga class.

It's about connection. With me as your instructor. And, with the other students in the program - what I lovingly call the Inspirit Community. 

I know my students. I will get to know your goals and why your yoga practice is important to you. 

This is highly valuable when compared to attending overcrowded yoga classes where you are completely anonymous, with a different instructor leading you through every time. 

And, when you begin to achieve your goals, we are going to celebrate. This community loves to cheer each other on and offer support in the practice. 

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In-Person Events.


You can join me for my special events even if you are not an official member of the Inspirit Community. A workshop or in-person event is scheduled each month.

Retreats are a fun way to explore this community and the style of my classes and are the best yogi-vacation ever! Opportunities to join are available at least once a year.

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