"I believe a yoga practice is a huge vehicle toward positive change. And, having a partner in your practice and a community to back you up and keep you accountable? That's when the magic truly happens."

Live Classes

I teach daily online classes for mixed levels. Each class delivers its own challenge, whether you join me for Traditional Hatha Yoga, Power Hatha Flow, or Restorative. The expectation is to work where you are in the moment and learn to build something new for your practice and your life.

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Live Workshops

I teach a live online workshop once a month to assist you to get the most out of your time on your mat. Topics range from back bending technique to self myofascial release to meditation and the chakra system. This is our time to slow down and truly take a look at a single facet of the practice.

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Membership: The Online & Inspirit Community

If you are ready to step up your yoga practice, this is where it's at. The Inspirit Community has full access to my daily live classes, live workshops, on-demand recordings of each class, and both guided meditation and tutorial libraries. This is a community that loves to set goals for their practice and support each other along the way. You will not find a better group of yogis anywhere else!

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Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga instruction is the perfect way to take your practice to new places and spaces. This is your time to concentrate on what matters most to you. Receive correction, set new goals, and explore new shapes to build further strength, flexibility, and overall health.

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