I’m not offering you a yoga class. I’m offering you a yoga education.

If you’ve taken yoga for a couple of months, or maybe even years and years, and always wondered if there was more to it, you just found your new yoga home.

My classes are created to empower you within your practice. The students that are a part of this community are seeking an education. They’re allowed to ask questions in real time. They receive feedback daily on how to improve their practice, and are interested in exploring new possibilities for their practice.

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I’m often asked why there isn’t an opportunity to drop into a single class for the student that wants to take class with me a couple of times a year.

But, you see, this space is about way more than one class.

When you become a member of what I lovingly and proudly call, The Inspirit Community, you are saying that you want to make a commitment to furthering your practice and your yoga education. And, you are looking to connect with other people that are working for similar goals.

Becoming a member of the Inspirit Community gives you the opportunity to attend livestream classes regularly, have full access to a library of recorded classes (each one full of different material to learn from than the next), join in on challenges throughout the year, and connect with me as your yoga coach to get your questions answered and have a partner in your practice.

There is no other program like this out there. How do I know? I’ve looked.

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In-Person Events.


You can join me for my special events even if you are not an official member of the Inspirit Community. A workshop or in-person event is scheduled each month.

Retreats are a fun way to explore this community and the style of my classes and are the best yogi-vacation ever! Opportunities to join are available at least once a year.

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