Meet Me on Your Mat / Yoga with Tori Hicks-Glogowski

Meet Me on Your Mat / Yoga with Tori Hicks-Glogowski

Hosted by: Tori Hicks-Glogowski

Real life talk about what a yoga practice looks like in your 40s and beyond. Yoga instructor, Tori Hicks-Glogowski is here to empower you in your practice, cheer on your breakthrough moments, and motivate you to keep...


Healing from Addiction One Posture at a Time: A Conversation with Jeanne Heaton Part II

Season #1 Episode #18

"It's such a granular difference..." Jeanne Heaton tells us this week. "I feel like we should be farther along," she says of the non-profit she founded, One Posture at a Time.  But, after nine years, the mission of...
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Healing from Addiction One Posture at a Time: A Conversation with Jeanne Heaton Part 1

Season #1 Episode #17

"I never wanted to do it again and twenty minutes later I knew I would come back." That's what Jeanne Heaton shares with me about her first yoga class way back in 2008 this week on the podcast.  She came to yoga at...
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The Simplest Things Are Always the Hardest: A Conversation with Jane

Season #1 Episode #16

"Blissful." That's what Jane tells me is her one word to describe her yoga practice this week on the podcast. Jane is a dedicated school teacher, wife, and mom to four kiddos. She came to yoga with a bad back,...
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Push Through Your Practice or Take a Break... how to make the best decision for you.

Season #1 Episode #15

Are you ready for this week's yoga chat? It's all about determining whether you need to push through with your practice or whether it's time to take a break and let your body heal. It's such a fine line that at times...
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Yoga & the Gift of Injury

Season #1 Episode #14

Today we are talking all things yoga injuries and how they affect your practice. I’m going to share with you some of my experiences and how I’ve dealt with injury personally.  But, I’ll also be offering you the...
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5 Things You Should Never Do in Your Yoga Practice

Season #1 Episode #13

We cover a ton of ground in this one! It's just you and me today for this conversation all about the 5 things I think you should never do in your yoga practice. I hope you enjoy it! For more information of my online...
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Just Breathe: A Conversation with Melanie

Season #1 Episode #12

"Just Breathe." It really is that simple. That's what Melanie shares with us this week on the podcast. Her career involves leading a large international team and as the landscape evolves, she's constantly reminding...
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Uncovering Your Best Self Through Yoga: A Conversation with Deb C.

Season #1 Episode #11

Yay! It's time for another great yoga conversation and you are going to love this one. Today on the podcast you're going to meet Deb Connor - career woman, cat mom, beautiful friend, and life-long yogi.  Through her...
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If Everyone Practiced Yoga, We'd Have World Peace: A Conversation with Katie T.

Season #1 Episode #10

Are you ready to settle in for another fun yoga chat with me? Today on the podcast you're going to meet Katie Townsend - wife, momma, incredible career woman, and life-long yogi.  When she first began her yoga...
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Yoga is Awesome - The Evolution of a Practice: A Conversation with Amy

Season #1 Episode #9

Yay for a good yoga conversation! It's time to settle in for this one. Today I'm talking with Amy B. and the ups and downs of her yoga journey over the past 14 years. This conversation is jam packed with nuggets of...
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You Don't Need to Be Perfect. Thoughts on Yoga & Sobriety: A Conversation with Amanda Theis

Season #1 Episode #8

Get ready for some serious yoga inspiration. Today I'm talking with Amanda Theis and her experience with yoga as she sought out her sobriety. This conversation is loaded with big take aways, from dealing with anxiety...
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There is No Destination, Just Get on Your Mat & Enjoy the Ride: A Conversation with Leslie

Season #1 Episode #7

Join me for a conversation full of insight into what a six-day-a-week yoga practice looks like with my friend and student, Leslie. Get ready for some serious yoga inspiration. This conversation is jam packed with big...
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