The 5 Red Flags You're in the Wrong Yoga Situation

Season #3

In the yoga world, you will encounter more than one red flag that you are in the WRONG yoga situation... whether it be a class, a studio, or with a specific teacher. We are going to cover the top 5 red flags to be aware of, shine a light on them and make it okay to not be okay with them. 

We are going to cover:

  • The thought of "real" yoga and what is truly happening when a teacher or studio says that they teach "real" yoga.
  • Hands-on adjustments and when to know they've gone too far. 
  • The difference between a yoga teacher telling you a fun story from their lives and them airing their dirty laundry during the class. 
  • Finding spaces where you can grow in your practice. 
  • What to do when you ask a question and don't really get an answer. 

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