Going Beyond the Self & Doing Your Yoga for Someone Else

Season #3

We ALL begin yoga by wanting to do it for ourselves. It's so we feel good, aren't so crazy cranky, and gain qualities of patience, generosity, and self-love. 

BUT, what if we decided to do the practice in honor of someone else? How would this thought effect your practice? 

It's a total mind flip and we're digging into thoughts on this today so that you can begin to bring these concepts to your own yoga mat. 

We are going to cover:

  • How we all begin yoga and the different reasons we show up to a yoga class in the first place. 
  • Flipping the script on why we do yoga. It's not for YOU, it's for everyone else. And, when you do this how you know yoga will be in your life forever. 
  • Devoting your practice to someone else instead of setting an intention. How this one thought can change everything for you, including assisting you in improving your relationships. 

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