Is it possible to "Master" Beginner Level Yoga?

Season #3

It's an interesting query, don't you think? Is it possible to "master" beginner level yoga? And, only then are you able to move on to an intermediate or advanced practice? We are digging in this week. Don't miss this episode - it's one that just might make your yoga practice... and your life. 

 Here are some takeaways from this episode:

  • To "master" something means you have nothing to left to learn about it. Will this ever be true when it comes to your yoga practice?
  • 3 things your really should master before you move to the next step of your practice.
  • How waiting to master beginner level yoga, or really anything in your life, can keep you stuck in one place - never growing or evolving into the person you came to this world to become. 

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