Are You a Yogi if You Eat Meat? And, other thoughts on Ahimsa...

Season #3

This is completely out of character for me, but I think we need to talk about this one! Are you a better yogi if you don't eat meat? Are you are "real" yogi? What does that even mean anyway?  We are going to dig in to all of it. 

Here are some takeaways from this episode:

  • To practice Ahimsa, you practice non-harming thoughts, actions, and speech. 
  • Eating meat, or animal protein is a must for some people. This does not make them less than, or not enough to be a good yogi. 

  • Being a yogi (someone that practices yoga) and practicing ahimsa... in my definition means you are doing the best you can. 

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Music by: lemmonmusicstudio from Pixabay