Why You Feel Better After Yoga

Season #3

Welcome back to the Meet Me on Your Mat Podcast! Let's talk about why you feel so much better after yoga. What happens in your brain and in your body to give you that yoga bounce and glow? 

Here are some takeaways from this episode:

  • When you move through your yoga practice, your brain cells begin to develop new connections, you begin carving out new neural pathways, as you attempt a new posture or make a new shape. This keeps you youthful in more ways than one!
  • One of the best physical benefits to your yoga practice is that it creates space. Space in between your vertebrae, your joints, your bones, your breath, and your thoughts.

  • Yoga helps you maintain your mobility. Or, even increase it. You're looking to improve mobility, not flexibility.

  • And, we go through all of the organs and what they are receiving from your practice, too. Happy listening!! 

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Music by: lemmonmusicstudio from Pixabay