3 Ways You Put Limits on Your Yoga Practice & What to Do About It

Season #2

Welcome back to the Meet Me on Your Mat Podcast! This week I am sharing with you some stories from my personal practice, so we can bond over the ways we both put limits on our possibilities. From there we explore ways to go beyond these limits, search for solutions, and ask some key questions to move forward. 

Here are some takeaways from this episode: 

  • Your personal story and childhood beliefs have a huge impact on your yoga practice. 
  • Why not you? All of yoga asana was meant for you, not just the elite, bendy people of the world.  
  • It’s so important to keep your practice going. Not because it’s going to make you feel great all of the time. But, because it helps you to be the owner of you.

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Music by: lemmonmusicstudio from Pixabay