You Don't Need to Be Perfect. Thoughts on Yoga & Sobriety: A Conversation with Amanda Theis

Season #1 Episode #8

Get ready for some serious yoga inspiration. Today I'm talking with Amanda Theis and her experience with yoga as she sought out her sobriety. This conversation is loaded with big take aways, from dealing with anxiety and perfectionism, to what it felt to hit her bottom, and how yoga has made a positive impact in her life and on her road to recovery. If you don't feel ready to jump on your mat for your practice after this one, I don't know what's going to do it. Happy listening! ________________________ For more information of my online classes, including the New Student Special, (click here). (Become a Meet Me on Your Mat Insider) and win 15 days of unlimited livestream and on-demand classes with me! To grab your spot for my Self Myofascial Release Workshop, (click here). Discussed in today's episode: Books: The Hand Maid's Tale & The Testaments by Margaret Atwood Let's Connect: (Meet Me on Your Mat Book Club) (Join Tori on Instagram) Music: "Dreams" by Markvard