If Everyone Practiced Yoga, We'd Have World Peace: A Conversation with Katie T.

Season #1 Episode #10

Are you ready to settle in for another fun yoga chat with me? Today on the podcast you're going to meet Katie Townsend - wife, momma, incredible career woman, and life-long yogi. 

When she first began her yoga journey, she was not totally into it. It was not love at first breath. So,Katie would show up for her practice once a month, liking how she felt afterwards, but not in love with the time on her mat. 

And, each time she showed up, her studio at the time would say there was something wrong with her membership and then brush it off, telling her they'd take care of it later. Until, somehow she ended up with fourteen classes on her account. 

So, she decided to just take all fourteen as quickly as she could and be done with it. What happened? Yoga love. A life-long practice was established from this simple mistake. 

Tune in this week to absorb all of the good nuggets of wisdom, have a couple of laughs with us about the practice and fill up your yoga inspiration gas tank. 

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Music: "Dreams" by Markvard