Uncovering Your Best Self Through Yoga: A Conversation with Deb C.

Season #1 Episode #11

Yay! It's time for another great yoga conversation and you are going to love this one. Today on the podcast you're going to meet Deb Connor - career woman, cat mom, beautiful friend, and life-long yogi. 

Through her yoga practice she has uncovered love for herself and her life piece by piece, making hard decisions about her marriage, battling anxiety, healing her high blood pressure, and so much more. 

Deb's yoga story involves the empowerment that comes with truly committing to a yoga practice. Like many of us, she showed up wearing all black and lots of clothes for her first couple of classes. 

And, then little by little as the love for herself grew, the clothes got brighter and skimpier, drawing her mat closer to the mirror at the studio, and giving no cares about what anyone else thought of her. What mattered most is how she loved and thought about herself. 

I know you can relate. Tune in this week to absorb all of the good nuggets of wisdom, have a couple of laughs with us about the practice and fill up your yoga inspiration gas tank.   

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Authors: Janet Ivanovich,

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Music: "Dreams" by Markvard