The Simplest Things Are Always the Hardest: A Conversation with Jane

Season #1 Episode #16

"Blissful." That's what Jane tells me is her one word to describe her yoga practice this week on the podcast. Jane is a dedicated school teacher, wife, and mom to four kiddos.

She came to yoga with a bad back, feeling out of shape, having to leave the activities and sports that filled her life behind, as she sought to find healing and relief. And, she knew immediately that yoga was what she was searching for with her first step on the mat. 

We cover a ton of ground in the conversation, discussing various styles of yoga and how they're all connected on some level, as well as, what to do when a class or teacher just doesn't vibe with you.

Jane tells us the simplest parts of a yoga practice can be the hardest. And I think I agree with her on that, don't you? Showing up for yourself, being mindful about your thoughts and movements, and learning to breathe. It all comes together bit by bit. And, it's totally worth the ride.

Here's hoping this episode inspires you to get on your mat and take time for you this week. 

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Books: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

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Music: "Dreams" by Markvard