Healing from Addiction One Posture at a Time: A Conversation with Jeanne Heaton Part 1

Season #1 Episode #17

"I never wanted to do it again and twenty minutes later I knew I would come back." That's what Jeanne Heaton shares with me about her first yoga class way back in 2008 this week on the podcast. 

She came to yoga at the insistence of her script writing teacher to help her focus and get out of her head. Jeanne had recently come out of recovery from a serious heroine and alcohol addiction and could not find peace, get tripped up whenever she encountered criticism or feedback. And, it was getting to point that she could not move forward with her writing. 

Her story is one that will inspire you, reignite your yoga practice, and give you some good thoughts and nuggets to chew on while on your mat this week. 

Jeanne tells us that stillness is the greatest gift her practice has given her through the years. It's brought her a patience that helps her cope with the world around her and give back in truly transformative ways to the community that surrounds her. 

Mentioned in this episode:

Books: Hellbent by Benjamin Lorr

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 Music: "Dreams" by Markvard