Healing from Addiction One Posture at a Time: A Conversation with Jeanne Heaton Part II

Season #1 Episode #18

"It's such a granular difference..." Jeanne Heaton tells us this week. "I feel like we should be farther along," she says of the non-profit she founded, One Posture at a Time.  But, after nine years, the mission of OPAAT comes down to changing one life in recovery at a time through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. And, to me, changing one life in a positive way... that's no small thing.  Join Jeanne and I as we wrap up our conversation from last week. This part of our chat has more than a few take aways about yoga, life, and how to strive to be your best, than I can count.  To donate to One Posture at a Time, please contact me via the website, IG, or Facebook and I will send you the information. Mentioned in this episode: Books: Beginner's Guide to the Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Buddhist View of the Afterlife by Paul Lowe For more information of my online classes, including the New Student Special, https://meetmeonyourmat.yoga/ (click here). Connect: *Take my FREE 10-Day Yoga Challenge! You will gain a ton of strength, flexibility and balance. It's easy to join. https://mailchi.mp/meetmeonyourmat.yoga/toris-yoga-challenge (Click here now.) https://meetmeonyourmat.yoga/book-club/ (Meet Me on Your Mat Book Club) https://www.instagram.com/meetmeonyourmat.yoga/ (Join Tori on Instagram) https://www.facebook.com/MeetMeonYourMat.Yoga/ (Join Tori on Facebook) Music: "Dreams" by Markvard