Splits Spotlight: The Ultimate Splits Workshop

Are you stuck in your splits work?  Or, thinking that it will take YEARS to achieve the splits from where you are today?

Let's fix your thinking and get you settled on a path that will:

➡️ Open up & strengthen your hips

➡️ Assist you in understanding key points of your anatomy that will to better understand this posture in a thoughtful way

➡️ AND, have the knowledge to translate this work into your inversions for floaty moves you are going to love. 

What you'll get:

  • On-Demand access to the workshop recording and workshop materials for 4-months to take when best suits you and to truly integrate this information into your yoga practice. 

  • A clear path forward to achieve therapeutic splits and ways to let this work light up every facet of your yoga practice from splitzy moves in balancing postures, arm balances, and floaty inversions. 

  • Knowledge of both the yogic history of the splits. And, further knowledge of hip, low spine and leg anatomy to further understand how this posture fits into your practice. 

Due to the on-demand accessibility, no refunds will be issued for this event. 

$45.00 USD

* Yoga with Tori Hicks-Glogowski / Meet Me on Your Mat assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing virtual classes, workshops, or challenges. The individual takes full responsibility for their bodies, and the space and equipment they use.