Inversion Immersion Workshop & Training Series

What if instead of wishing your inversion practice was stronger, you took the time to get it that way? 

That's what the Inversion Immersion is all about. 

We are going to set solid goals for your inversion practice. 

You will learn build a ton of strength in the process, feeling more confident with each and every session.

And, you'll get individualized attention, so you know what to work on to move your Forearm Balance and Handstand forward. (This is what sets this training program apart from the rest!)

In this immersive livestream training in which you'll get:

  • Four on-demand workshops where we will delve into strength training, mobility work, and inversion technique, learning to float away from the wall, or step away from the wall completely, how to safely fall, improve your floats, and find your line in Forearm Balance & Handstand.
  • Three 30-minute on-demand training sessions that you can take over and over again to help you keep up your inversion training in between each workshop. (It's in understanding the work that needs to be done 2 to 3 times a week to help you improve in your inversions that makes these group training sessions super valuable!) 
  • 4 on-demand yoga classes from the Meet Me on Your Mat Online Studio to help you keep the practice fresh. 
  • Access to the Meet Me on Your Mat Online Community Group page, to ask questions, submit video or photos and get feedback, and connect with the other people taking this training course. In this group you will also be invited to attend our community meet-up sessions and take on a community challenge. 
  • 6 months of unlimited access to all of the classes, trainings, and individual &  community support.
  •  Yoga Alliance Teachers taking this course will receive 12 continuing education hours upon completion. 

Workshop #1: Strength Training & Setting Solid Foundations

Workshop #2: Free Fallin' - Learn How to Safely Fall & Break the Rules

Workshop #3: Taking Your Inversions to the Next Level & Getting an Individual Assessment on Your Practice.

Workshop #4: Putting It All Together

$25 USD non-refundable deposit included with purchase. No refunds available after 1 week of purchase. Refunds will be prorated according to workshops/training sessions attended.

$195.00 USD

* Yoga with Tori Hicks-Glogowski / Meet Me on Your Mat assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing virtual classes, workshops, or challenges. The individual takes full responsibility for their bodies, and the space and equipment they use.

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