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The Best Yoga Cheat Ever

Sep 23, 2021

You heard me. I have learned the best yoga cheat EVER. This is the one thing you need to be able to perform the posture you want to the most. No kidding. It’s taken me years to have the guts to divulge this information and there will be people out there who won’t like that I’m letting you on this great yogi secret, but the time is now. We never know what tomorrow holds and I want to make sure that I turn you all on to this information before another second passes us by.

Here it is. The big cheat. The best secret. The key to getting into the posture of your choice.


Aren’t you excited?!!?? Now you know what to do to go after the goals of the posture! It’s so simple I bet you could have thought of it yourself.

Now, why integrity? I could have also said, “Work harder,” but I know from experience that working harder isn’t going to get you there, while working smarter just might. And that’s where integrity comes in.

Integrity by definition is the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. The state of being whole, entire, and undiminished.

Let’s take a look at this. If you enter into a posture and decide that it’s too hard at the time, so you try to find a way to put the weight in a different place, or in any way adjust it for comfort to avoid the real issues, you are not working with integrity. You are slowing your progress down. If you can’t help yourself from doing this because a prior injury or imbalance, that’s okay. As long as it’s the truth of what is happening for you right now. Remember, integrity involves honesty. 

Let me back up a bit. Is it moral or ethical to get on your mat and not work with the adjustment you were given in a previous class? Did you understand the adjustment? Were you able to exhibit your understanding of the adjustment and take on the challenge of it? Will you only take on this new information when you are around the teacher that gave it to you? Do you see where I’m going with this??? 

I am a teacher that has heard all the groans, moans, and complaints:

“That will never happen for me.”

“It’s because I’m too old. I can’t take in any new information anymore.”

“I do it in YOUR class. Isn’t that enough?”

“How can I go deeper?”

“Can you get me into: Full Camel/Side Angle/Handstand/Crane/etc.?”

“That posture is for contortionists.”

“If you had my junk body, you would understand.”

I get it guys. We are all dealing with something with our yoga asana practice and at the same time, you want to take your practice to the next level. And I am here to tell that whoever goes the deepest is not necessarily the best yogi. The best yogis work with integrity. They acknowledge where they are in their practice and work with that knowledge every day. They don’t go back and do the Triangle they did two years ago because they know so much more about the posture than they did at that time and apply their knowledge every damn time. No shortcuts.

Integrity within your practice is a key tool.

If you have integrity in your practice, you will start to have integrity in your life away from your mat. People will view you as someone they can trust, that has a moral and ethical code. These are the people you always think about when you think of People Who Have It All Together. And even though these people, I’m sure have their own difficulties in life, they are the ones that you are drawn to like a magnet. Doors open up for them that would be shut in other circumstances. And if you’re honest with your Self, don’t you want that for your own life? 

So, I guess in some ways this isn’t just the best yoga cheat EVER, it’s also the best life hack on the planet.

Have integrity. Not sometimes. Not when it’s convenient. Always. On your mat. Off your mat. Today. Right NOW. If that’s the only tool in the tool box it’s a pretty darn good tool. It will serve you well.

It’s time. Spread the word. The more people that find out this yoga cheat, the better it will be for all of us today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

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