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How to Know Your Yoga is Working

Nov 22, 2021

There is a huge reason people don’t like yoga. Wanna know what it is? It’s discomfort.

Yoga is wildly uncomfortable most of the time.

As a yoga instructor, I have seen the gamut of students working against the posture instead of through it, all in the name of finding some shred of comfort. And, wow, can I relate.

Because, let’s face it, what is asked of you to build a posture is everything you dislike, or maybe what doesn’t come very easy to you: patience, discipline, understanding, and the ability to be open to new thought.

Also, standing on one leg, bending backward, lifting off from the floor, getting upside down… you don’t encounter these moves much in your adult years, unless you are on a yoga mat and in a yoga class.

But, when you practice yoga, you get used to being uncomfortable. It’s just the name of the game.

Every time I step on my mat for my practice I am choosing to be uncomfortable and to learning something new about myself and about the yoga I love.

And, I think that is what makes you feel as if you have super powers. You are okay with discomfort.

You can sit and breathe through most anything without getting thrown for a loop, overly emotional, or victim-y. 

So, enjoy your super power. It is peace. Peace no matter what is thrown at you or said to you because you know you’ll get to the other side of it and still love yourself. 

This is how you know your practice is working.

Yes, it’s nice to be able to get deeper in a posture or do something within your yoga practice you were never able to achieve before. But, the real reason you continue to show up is who you get to be in your life away from your yoga mat. And, why keeping up your practice is so vitally important to living your life on purpose.

So, remember your super powers. Be with the uncomfortable moments and know that they are proof that your practice is working. Because you can stand in your Self and with your Self, and be true to you.

And, also enjoy those moments that are not uncomfortable, but have an ease and a flow to them. Sit back and appreciate them. Because I just know the more you focus on the good in life, the more good will be on its way to you.



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